We released new OpenVirteX that supports OpenFlow1.3! Check it out on Github! [Link]

Ownership of OpenVirteX project has been transferred to the Libera Team, Operating Systems Lab, Korea University. Team Libera in partnership with ONF will continue the community operations, source code management and development.

Our presentation “OVX: Virtual Software Defined Networks” has been accepted at the Networking Track for the OpenStack Summit in Paris!

OVX 0.0.2-pre-alpha has been released! This release raises the bar in terms of code quality, by integration and enforcement of checkstyle and PMD. This release also fixes some minor bugs that were brought to our attention. For a full overview of what changed and what’s coming next, head over to our Jira issue tracker.

After months of hard work, the first release of OpenVirteX is out! Version 0.0.1-pre-alpha already packs many features, but we have much more in store the coming months. Stay tuned!

Our latest research paper got accepted in Hot Topics in Software Defined Networking 2014 (HotSDN 2014)!

OpenVirteX is demonstrated running on top of the Internet2 nation-wide SDN testbed at the Open Networking Summit 2014.

Ali presented the state of OVX at the ONRC/ON.Lab Strategy Summit at Stanford University.

OpenVirteX is awarded the Internet2 Innovative Application Awards.