This research group works on building the next generation network system under the Operating Systems Lab of Korea University.
Currently the team carries out research on the following principle network systems-
    • SDN-based network virtualization
    • High-performance kernel-based networking
    • Deep learning acceleration through softwarized networking

To know more about these research work, please visit our laboratory.

Chuck Yoo

Ph.D. (Michigan Univ., 1990)
Korea University.

Gyeongsik Yang

Ph.D. (Korea Univ., 2019) [CV]
Postdoctoral associate, 
Korea University.

Yeonho Yoo

M.S. student,
Korea University.

Changyong Shin

M.S. student,
Korea University.

Bong-yeol Yu

M.S. (Korea Univ., 2019)
Researcher in 
Samsung Electronics.

Heesang Jin

M.S. (Korea Univ., 2020)
Researcher in ETRI.


Minkoo Kang