Libera Team


This research group works on building the next generation network system under the Operating Systems Lab of Korea University. Currently the team carries out research on two principle network systems-

  • SDN-based network virtualization
  • High-performance kernel-based networking

To know more about these research work, please visit the OS Lab page.




Yoo, Chuck
Ph.D. (Michigan Univ., 1990)
(College of Informatics, Korea Univ.)
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Ph. D course


Yang, Gyeongsik

– Interests: Network virtualization, Traffic engineering, Low-latency network system
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M.S course


Yu, Bong-yeol

– Interests: Switch virtualization (embedded system), Linux kernel networking optimization
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Jin, Heesang

– Interests: Network virtualization, Traffic engineering, Network management with machine learning
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– Interests: Network Virtualization, SDN with Machine Learning
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Kang, Min-koo

– Interests: Network management with machine learning, Programmable data plane
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